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An Equestrian Thrifter's Guide to Secondhand Slang

Posted by Cara Konowalchuk on

An Equestrian Thrifter's Guide to Secondhand Slang

Add To Cart: The satisfying button you push when you make the decision to purchase a like new item for a sweet deal.

Cayuse: AKA a cowboy’s trusty steed.

Clean Out Kit: Consigners fill their clean out kit with like-new items they no longer use or need. To join the thousands of equestrians cleaning out their collections of show clothes and equipment, order a kit and fill out the form on our website.

Current: We only accept items that are less than 5 years old to ensure the most stylish and modern products! 

Eatin' Irons: Silverware for horse people.

For the Horse: In this section, you’ll find saddle pads, boots, and halters for your beloved horse.

Full Seat Breeches: Gripping fabrics from the knee to the inner thigh,helping riders practically stick right to the saddle.

Gently Used: To ensure the highest quality products, we can’t accept items with rips, large stains, smoky or other noticeable damage.

Guilt Free Shopping: The fact that shopping second hand means reducing waste, saving both the planet and your wallet.

Horse Tees: These are out specially designed women’s’ and kids’ t-shirts with playful sayings for horse people.

Lifestyle: This is the section horse lovers will find equestrian themed clothes and decorations.

Mission: Used Horse Stuff’s mission is to make riding more affordable for everyone!

NWT: Items that are brand new with tags still attached. Brand new apparel makes an unbeatable steal!

NWOT: Items that are brand new, but the tags have been removed. You pay secondhand prices for brand new clothes!

Rocky Mountain Canary: A fancy name for a donkey.

Quantity in Stock: Consignment inventory is usually one and only in stock. Careful not to miss out on the opportunity!

Quality: This word refers to degree of excellence of an item. Here at UHS, we are careful to sell only the highest quality products to our customers.

Riding Tights: Riding pants so comfy they feel like a second, more functional skin. No seam contact in the saddle means nothing gets between you and your horse.

Skidlid: Also called a riding helmet.

Secondhand: Any product that has been used by at least one previous owner.

Unicorn: A magical creature that is also the spirit animal of our company!

100% Satisfaction: The feeling you get when you confidently order from UHS and get the quality product you expect.